The Thyroid Gland controls every chemical reaction in your body from basal temperature to cell growth. Monitoring for adequate thyroid hormone production is critical for maintaining optimum health. Without adequate thyroid hormone production you start living life like a tortoise. Low thyroid function makes everything WORSE : fatigue, depression, weight control, anxiety, digestive problems, decreased memory, headaches, sleep disturbances, balance, joint and muscle pain. Low thyroid can make disorders WORSE : diabetes management, anemia, allergies, sinusitis, irritable bowel, high cholesterol, arthritis, eczema.

A family history of thyroid disorders needs to be discussed with health care practitioner.Thyroid testing blood work is highly inaccurate in assessing function. Ultra sensitive TSH of 2.5 or higher = suspect low thyroid (not 5.0 in previous standards). Total T4 and free T3 are the most revealing tests. Thyroid antibody testing may be needed to accurately assess thyroid function.

Become aware of signs of low thyroid : awaken tired, low basal temperature, puffiness around eyes, swelling at base of neck, slow movements, cold hands/feet, dry hair & skin, brittle nails, acne, low sex drive, severe PMS, irregular/heavy menses. Living with Thyroid Disorders has a complete review of thyroid disorders and nutrition modifications needed.